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Figuras Red, a company led by Esperanza Yepes, a former visionary beautician, specialized in the field of cosmetics, wellness, and aesthetics, has developed two powerful creams using natural plant extracts in therapeutic, post-operative, relaxing, and sports treatments, associated with original metal therapy.

For about twenty years, Figuras Red has positioned itself as a pioneer by harnessing the power of plants to create innovative solutions. The company, founded by Esperanza Yepes and led in Europe by her daughter, Camila Ribero, has specialized in intelligent creams, offering products that combine advanced technology of original metal therapy with natural ingredients to achieve exceptional results.


The Innovation of
Intelligent Creams

Figuras Red intelligent creams stand out for their ability to adapt to the specific needs of each skin type. Thanks to daily massages, these creams for men and women, without chemical preservatives or endocrine disruptors harmful to health, provide the necessary nutrients and plant actives to hydrate, protect, and regenerate the skin. The target market includes aesthetic centers, spas, aesthetic medicine clinics, therapists, and physiotherapists.

With a focus on researching effective formulas for reduction, contouring, cellulite, hydration, and post-operative and general tissue recovery, Esperanza Yepes has developed two powerful creams using natural plant extracts and 100% natural preservatives. The power of these two creams lies in their transfollicular penetration, traversing the three layers of the skin without generating any side effects.

The Post-operative Cream

After years of intensive research, Figuras Red launched its innovative post-operative cream, designed to be effective in post-operative care, post-laser, and other procedures. This cream, enriched with ingredients such as calendula, mallow, chamomile, and green tea, among others, provides a complete solution for healing, normalization, repair, firming, stretch marks, burns, and therapeutic massages. Additionally, its properties have proven beneficial even for people who have undergone radiotherapy treatments for cancer, offering them relief and essential care in their recovery process.

Original Metaltherapy

Ten years after its founding, Figuras Red introduced original metal therapy, a unique technique inspired by ancestral Colombian methods such as wood therapy. With metal accessories made from an alloy of seven pure metals, similar to those used in Tibetan bowls in Ayurvedic medicine, Figuras Red achieves exceptional energetic and aesthetic balance, uniquely toning and draining the skin. Nudillar Dynamic Plus and Sculptor Dynamic Plus are made with a pure, ultra-light, ergonomic metal alloy, fully developed by Figuras Red for the therapist’s well-being. Ideal for supporting the results of body and/or therapeutic treatments both in beauty centers and for home use. The results of slimming, contouring, toning, relaxation, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, and butt lifting treatments, among others, are 100% effective and very visible from the first session thanks to the proper use of these accessories.

The Internationalization
of the Brand

In 2022, Camila Ribero, Director of Figuras Red in Europe and daughter of Esperanza Yepes, launched the brand’s internationalization in the European continent, taking Figuras Red to new levels of success in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. In recognition of their excellence, they were special guests at The Body Contouring Academy event, alongside Dr. Alexis Delobaux.

In addition to their recognized creams and metal therapy techniques, Figuras Red offers daily use girdles, ideal even for use three months after surgery. The purity of the creams not only hydrates the skin but also the fibers of these exclusive and excellent Colombian girdles, providing additional support and faster recovery.

Article created by Lise-Marie Ranner-Luxin for Divas Magazine. You can view the original article in French at the following link: Divas Magazine Review

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