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Facial Metal therapy

Discover the versatility of our four highest quality mini metal accessories, carefully manufactured from pure metal alloys. Each of these tiny treasures has been carefully polished by hand and bears our distinctive seal, the Figuras Red counter-brand, which is synonymous with guarantee and excellence in the world of beauty and facial care. Our metallic facial kit is manufactured with an alloy of 7 clean metals that are cast in a high-tech injection mold and hand-polished in an artisanal manner.

With them you can stimulate the skin proprioceptors, generating more vital skin thanks to the relaxation and benefits that its 7 metals allow. The Figuras Red metal accessories also encourage the production of elastin, collagen and the synthesis of fibroblasts at the level of the dermis, due to the properties that our metals possess, in particular silicon in its perfect percentage. In this way, the fusion of the silicon found in our metal accessories in alliance with the silicon present in our two intelligent Reductora and Post creams will more effectively potentiate the elastic and collagen fiber.

The benefits of this metallic facial kit are innumerable as you can carry out various protocols in terms of facial contouring, management of expression lines, facial lymphatic drainage, reduction of the double chin area, among others. The metals used for its manufacture have therapeutic properties that result in healthier and rejuvenated skin. The kryo action of the mini accessories promotes skin lifting and circulatory activation generated by the mini roller and the mini nudillar, improving the oxygenation and facial nutrition of your patients. Plus, when you use these accessories in combination with our powerful Post cream with nanomolecular technology, you experience perfect synergy.

The active ingredients of the cream are absorbed more efficiently, which amplifies the results obtained in the cabin. The smart cream and metallic facial kit of Figuras Red are highly recommended for use at home by both women and men, thus guaranteeing sustainable and long-lasting results after each session. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the magic of these mini metal accessories and transform your beauty routine into a luxury and personalized care experience.


Designed for a deep and stimulating facial massage. Its ergonomic shape will allow you to work on the reflex zones of your face, providing therapeutic relief that rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin.


A little gem that will help you soften those fine and annoying expression lines. With delicate and precise movements, this metal accessory will allow you to shape your face naturally and effortlessly.


Ideal for toning facial muscles and promoting blood circulation. This metallic roller will glide smoothly over your skin, leaving a refreshing and rejuvenating effect.


The perfect tool to activate the active ingredients of our post-smart cream. Its ergonomic design will allow you to apply uniform and effective facial care products, maximizing their nutritional benefits.


BENEFITS: Helps reduce fine expression lines in the nasolabial areas, orbicularis oculi area and procerus on the forehead. This thanks to the suction of our cup that facilitates its mobilization. Additionally, it generates excellent detoxification by promoting lymphatic drainage, mobilizing and allowing activation at the circulatory level.


BENEFITS: Ideal for lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce bags under the lower orbicularis area. This accessory allows results in congested, tired eyes with fluid retention. Therefore it is an excellent drainer.

It also allows management of the neck, jowls and facial contouring.


BENEFITS: Allows stimulation at the muscle fiber level. It is used in the direction of the muscle fiber to promote its activation, helping to reduce facial expression lines: eyes, nasolabial muscles, chin and neck.

USE: This accessory also generates excellent mobilization as well as product penetration thanks to its movements. That is why it is highly recommended to combine it with our intelligent Red Post Figures – Normalizing cream.


BENEFITS: Stimulates receptors and activates circulation, improving oxygenation and promoting facial nutrition. Its perfect design and knuckle polishing generates a feeling of total well-being for the patient.

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