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Our Figuras Red girdles are the ideal complement to take care of yourself at home. Combine it with our reducing cream with high plant extracts, and maximize the shaping, reducing, and moisturizing benefits of the cream. ​

The use of Figuras Red shapewear together with our smart cream drastically improves body posture and the appearance of cellulite. In addition to hydrating your skin daily as well as the fibers of the girdle thanks to its natural formulation with nanomolecule technology.


The Figuras Red girdles and the reducing cream complement the care at home of patients, improving results in the cabin. They hydrate and shape with nanomolecule technology.

Benefits of the Girdle
for Late Daily Use

  • After three months of using the post-surgical girdle, it is recommended to transition to a daily use girdle, complementing with the application of the F.R. Body Reducing Cream in cold. Continuing to use the girdle during the aesthetic postoperative period and abdominal marking will help maintain the optimal results of the surgery more durably and effectively. This is because the girdle helps to highlight the abdominal marking, enhancing the active ingredients of Figuras Red’s Smart Creams.
  • If there is still skin not adhered at this late stage of 3 months post-surgery, the Post Cream from Figuras Red in Frio will be used, which along with the girdle will contribute to faster adherence of the aponeurosis.
  • Remember that Figuras Red’s Smart Creams hydrate the girdle fiber without damaging it and provide better tolerance to its use.
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BENEFITS: Our girdles come with a central Zipper with 3 internal lines of hooks for a better fit, internal bands with a highly engineered design to lift the buttocks naturally, silicone elastic on the legs that adheres to the skin. In addition, perineal zipper with zipper in intimate part to avoid total removal of the girdle when entering the bathroom, wide straps for greater comfort of adjustment and 3 internal lines of hooks for greater adjustment.

COLORS: Black, Cocoa and Skin.

SIZES: S, M, L and XL.

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