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You can find all our metal products and accessories in this section for immediate purchase.

Metal Accessories

Our countermarked accessories are made with clean, ultra-light and ergonomic metal alloys for the well-being of the therapist, ideal for supporting the results of body and/or therapeutic treatments both in beauty centers and for home work.

Smart Creams

We have developed cream formulations, with plant extracts, effective active ingredients in comprehensive aesthetic, therapeutic, post-surgical, relaxing, sports, decontracting treatments, etc. Our creams do not generate thermal sensation, odor, or any type of discomfort.

Facial Kit

It is manufactured with an alloy of 7 clean metals that are cast in a high-tech injection mold and polished by hand in an artisanal manner, with them you can stimulate the skin proprioceptors, generating more vital skin thanks to the relaxation and benefits that its 7 metals allow.

esteticista esto es para ti


Ofrecemos precios especiales para todos los estecisitas que deseen adquirir nuestros productos y accesorios, tanto para America como para Europa y Africa.

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