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Aesthetic professionals

Get detailed information about their experience, commitment, and dedication to deliver our unique products and methods Figuras Red. Our global network of collaborators is ready to provide you with the best support anywhere in the world, ensuring that you have access to highly skilled experts committed to our goal.


Figuras Red, an international brand based in Bogotá, Colombia, extends beyond borders. With a presence in various countries in America and Europe, our global distribution ensures that you can easily find the nearest point to you.

Our products, ranging from smart creams to metallic accessories, are available in your region to provide you with the quality and innovation that characterize Figuras Red.

Discover the proximity of our distribution points and immerse yourself in the well-being experience we offer, no matter where you are. Your connection to Figuras Red is closer than you think!


Discover the opportunity to officially train with the Certified Figuras Red Method. Explore our extensive network of trainers available in America, Africa, and Europe. Our commitment to educational excellence is reflected in every certified instructor you encounter.

Gain access to specialized knowledge and effective practices to boost your development. Whether in America, Africa, or Europe, the Figuras Red training methodology ensures a comprehensive and quality learning experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of well-being and certified training with the best professionals at your disposal. Your path to success begins here!

certified professionals

Connect more deeply with Figuras Red’s authentic metalotherapy through our certified professionals in Europe.

They are here to guide you on your journey to holistic well-being. Our network of experts, committed to excellence, is available to provide you with the best support in your quest for balance and health.

From personalized advice to therapeutic experiences, our professionals are dedicated to offering you exceptional care. Feel closer than ever to the transformative benefits of Figuras Red’s original metalotherapy through our specialized team in Europe.

Your well-being deserves the expert attention we provide.

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