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Postpartum Care

Post-operative care is crucial to ensure an effective recovery, and at Figuras Red we strive to provide you with specialist support every step of the way. Our Post Normalizing Cream has been meticulously formulated to meet the unique needs of skin after surgical procedures, providing a complete and soothing recovery experience.

What makes our Post Normalizing Cream exceptional in postoperative care?

  • Relief and decongestion: After surgery, it is common to experience inflammation and sensitivity of the skin. Our cream is designed to provide immediate relief and decongest the area, contributing to a more comfortable recovery.
  • Deep Restoration: Figuras Red Post Normalizing Cream works tirelessly to deeply restore the skin, helping to regain the firmness and elasticity lost during the surgical process.
  • Reduction of marks and scars: It significantly contributes to the reduction of marks and scars, promoting a more even and soft appearance with its specialized formula.
  • Sustained hydration: It forms a sustained hydration barrier, essential to counteract post-operative skin dryness and keep the skin nourished and healthy.


With Figuras Red, experience specialized support and complete recovery during the postoperative period. Make this phase a comforting and successful experience with our Post Normalizing Cream.

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