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Thanks to its natural extracts, our cream allows you to obtain benefits at the level of localized fat, cellulite, shaping, marking, sagging and deep hydration daily, with little time available and with a simple application on the skin. In the event of using a girdle daily, our cream is ideal to support the benefits in body shaping, it also generates a deep hydration barrier allowing prolonged use of the girdle without feeling discomfort and protecting its fibers.


We are the creators of the original and certified Metallotherapy, an innovative technique patented both in Colombia and in EUROPE by Esperanza Yepes president of Figuras Red. Patents that demonstrate the intellectual creation of the technique, certify the quality of the metals used for its manufacture and us They grant the right to be the only ones legally authorized to market them.

Our metal accessories have been made with an alloy of 7 clean metals, similar to those of the Tibetan singing bowl of Ayurvedic medicine. Our metals are NOT contaminated or recycled. They are manufactured with a high-tech injection mold and hand-polished in an artisanal way. Which guarantees quality for life as they are accessories that do not degrade and have a very long life.

They are easily washable since metal is not a living matter, which is why the original Metal Therapy is completely biosafe.
Also, they allow versatility in terms of temperature since they allow working on cold protocols, putting them in the refrigerator and allowing toning sessions thanks to toning metals such as silicon. And also therapeutic protocols, since the accessories can also be heated for relaxation and physiotherapy treatments.


Discover the versatility of our four highest quality mini metal accessories, carefully manufactured from pure metal alloys and ideal for use at home. Each of these tiny treasures has been carefully polished by hand and bears our distinctive seal, the Figuras Red counter-brand, which is synonymous with guarantee and excellence in the world of beauty and facial care.

Our metallic facial kit is manufactured with an alloy of 7 clean metals that are cast in a high-tech injection mold and hand-polished in an artisanal manner. With them you can stimulate the skin proprioceptors, generating more vital skin thanks to the relaxation and benefits that its 7 metals allow.

The Figuras Red metal accessories also encourage the production of elastin, collagen and the synthesis of fibroblasts at the level of the dermis, this due to the properties that our metals possess, in particular silicon in its perfect percentage.

In this way, the fusion of the silicon found in our metal accessories in alliance with the silicon present in our two intelligent Reductora and Post creams will more effectively potentiate the elastic and collagen fiber so that you obtain better results.



Our Figures Red girdles are the ideal complement to take care of yourself at home. Combine it with our reducing cream with high plant extracts, and maximize the shaping, reducing, and moisturizing benefits of the cream.

The use of Figuras Red shapewear together with our smart cream drastically improves body posture and the appearance of cellulite. In addition to hydrating your skin daily as well as the fibers of the girdle thanks to its natural formulation with nanomolecule technology.


Due to its thermal action, our girdles produces heating in the area, thus activating its circulation and facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients of our creams with nanomolecule technology.

For aesthetic protocols of reduction, shaping and cellulite, the use of the fajon and the Reducing cream is recommended prior to massage with metallotherapy and/or manual. This will allow the lipolytic principles of our master formula to penetrate faster, generating obvious results in the first session.

For wellness protocols, anti-inflammatory and muscle relief, the use of the fajón is carried out with the Post Repair cream, thus penetrating its active ingredients such as calendula, mallow, chamomile among others.

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