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Our intelligent creams with nanomolecular technology, rich in pure plant extracts, are characterized by their transfollicular penetration capacity, reaching from the epidermis to the hypodermis for optimal results.

The postoperative intelligent cream is formulated with a carefully selected combination of healing and regenerative plant extracts, such as calendula, mallow, chamomile, ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut, lemon, and green tea. These ingredients accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and promote cellular regeneration, which are essential in post-surgical recovery. Free of chemical preservatives and endocrine disruptors, our products ensure the safety and health of patients. This formula is ideal for home use from the day after surgery and can be used in professional postoperative drainage protocols together with Metalotherapy. 

Preparing the skin for pre-surgery is possible with our reducing cream, which contains active ingredients such as fucus, ivy, and green tea. These components act on the adipocyte to promote lipolysis and metabolic activation of adipose tissue. In combination with Metalotherapy, this cream contributes to body shaping and facilitates liposuction by reducing adhesions and micro fibrosis, simplifying cannulation. With the help of Nudillar, the detachment of adipose tissue is performed, further facilitating the liposuction process




Our metallic accessories for massages, body, and facial protocols are created with a unique alloy of 7 pure metals, including copper, aluminum, and silicon as the predominant ones. They are specially designed to offer toning, firming, and draining power in post-surgical treatments in a 100% bio-safe manner. These metals act synergistically to stimulate circulation, improve skin elasticity, and promote toxin elimination, thus contributing to faster and more effective recovery.



The application of the Figuras Red Post Cream begins the day after facial or body cosmetic surgery.

  • It contributes to the absorption of hematomas by being a phlebotonic product.
  • The cream can be applied and then the compression garment worn, hydrating the fabric and making it easier to put on.
  • In scar massage, it is an excellent helper and should be applied when the wound no longer has stitches.
  • The scar can be helped to epithelize with massage, equipment such as ultrasound and electroporator, used with the Figuras Red post-cream.
  • Wounds with signs of infection should never be touched.
  • The postoperative stages are divided into immediate, involving the first 24 hours; intermediate is after 24 hours until day 30, and late postoperative is after 30 days until 6 months or a year after surgery.

he Figuras Red Sculptor is ideal for performing lymphatic drainage from immediate postoperative, with the Figuras Red Post Cream


For scar healing, it is recommended to perform maneuvers with the mini cup and mini mushroom, to decrease adhesions to deep planes and perform a circulatory activation that favors healing.

The Figuras Red metal cup will be used from the 5th day of postoperative, performing DLM maneuvers. 

Benefits of Wearing a Girdle Daily in Late Post-Operative Period

  • After three months of using the post-surgical girdle, it is recommended to transition to a daily use girdle, complementing with the application of the F.R. Body Reducing Cream in cold. Continuing to use the girdle during the aesthetic postoperative period and abdominal marking will help maintain the optimal results of the surgery more durably and effectively. This is because the girdle helps to highlight the abdominal marking, enhancing the active ingredients of Figuras Red’s Smart Creams.
  • If there is still skin not adhered at this late stage of 3 months post-surgery, the Post Cream from Figuras Red in Cold will be used, which along with the girdle It will help to speed up the adhesion of the aponeurosis.
  • Remember that Figuras Red’s Smart Creams hydrate the girdle fiber without damaging it and provide better tolerance to its use.
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