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Due to its thermal action, our belt produces heating in the area, thus activating its circulation and facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients of our creams with nanomolecule technology.

For aesthetic protocols of reduction, shaping and cellulite, the use of the fajon and the Reducing cream is recommended prior to massage with metallotherapy and/or manual.

This will allow the lipolytic principles of our master formula to penetrate faster, generating obvious results in the first session.

For well-being, anti-inflammation and muscle relief protocols, the use of the fajón is carried out with the Post Repair cream thus penetrating its active ingredients such as calendula, mallow, chamomile among others.


Our Thermal Belt is designed to enhance the benefits of our powerful reducing cream.


BENEFICIOS: Fácil de usar, aplica la crema reductora Figuras Red, envuelve en papel osmotico y sella el trabajo con nuestro fajón térmico, de esta forma, la penetración de sus extractos de plantas, permitirán resultados más rápidos y visibles

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